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MOST EXPENSIVE STREET: New homes approved for Carnatic Road

MOST EXPENSIVE STREET: New homes approved for Carnatic Road

Google Street View image of Carnatic Road

Redeveloped proposals for apartments on Merseyside’s most expensive road were approved by Liverpool Council this morning.

The plans would see a four storey block housing 16 apartments built on the site of a demolished house on Carnatic Road in Mossley Hill.

The proposals are a reworked version of a 2016 application which had been refused by the council, with that decision then overrided on appeal.

Recent Liverpool Echo analysis of Land Registry data suggets that Carnatic Road was the most expensive street to buy a house in Merseyside in 2020, with an average property price of £1.6m.

The site sits between Carnatic Spa and Carnatic Court, with the development set to consist solely of two bedroom apartments of around 1,000sq ft each.

The old house, Briarwood, was demolished in December last year.

The original 2016 proposals had the same number of storeys and apartments with some differences from the current design.

Rejected by Liverpool Council in April 2018, they were approved on appeal to the Planning Inspectorate in 2019.

The approval for the new scheme came despite a warning from the council’s heritage specialist that it was worse than the 2016 proposals.

The heritage specialist’s report said: “In respect of the new proposal, it is considered that this is worse as the previous scheme attempted to reduce the impact of the top storey to some degree by accommodating the majority of it in the roof space – using dormers and rooflights to light some rooms with others lit by glazing to the apex of the pronounced feature gables.

“The new scheme does not attempt to do this, instead introducing 4 full storeys. The increase in the bulk is exacerbated by the lack of hierarchy to the floors.”

However, officers had warned committee members that the appeal outcome for the previous plans should act as a key factor when considering a decision on the current plans.

The committee voted unanimously in favour of the plans.

Words: Nick Tyrrell, Local Democracy Reporter

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