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LIFTING SCOUSERS SPIRITS: Beatles inspired message of hope displayed in city to boost mental health

LIFTING SCOUSERS SPIRITS:  Beatles inspired message of hope displayed in city to boost mental health

Image: Daisy Rumble

‘We’ll get through this with a little help from my friends’ was the Beatles inspired message of hope delivered by KIND Snacks on a personal billboard to the people of Liverpool last Friday.

Their van also visited local residents as part of a wider campaign to deliver personalised doorstop messages of encouragement and goodwill as the nation anticipates hope of better times to come ahead of the Governments lockdown review.

Captured by Liverpool photographer Daisy Rumble, who earlier in the year captured a series of stunning photographs showing how hope and positivity will always shine through in Liverpool even in the midst of a crisis.

The Beatles inspired message read ‘Liverpudlians. What would you say If I said there was hope? A time when we can come together again? Exercising kindness is more important than ever right now. We'll get through this with a little help from our friends. Stay strong and keep smiling scouser’s’.

Liverpudlian mother, Rebekah Howard, 33, who received a message on the van from a close friend, said "It has really made my day! Throughout this pandemic, it’s been incredibly tough, especially having a baby during lockdown.

"It’s been a struggle without family and friends not being able to visit. However, messages and support like this from friends makes it so much easier! It was lovely to receive such a thoughtful surprise and has made me really aware of power and impact that kindness holds."

The van certainly turned heads, with Iain Worthal, a 44 year old architect commenting “ay its not wrong!!! we'll get through this, us scousers can get through anything, TOGETHER!”

and 21-year-old student Imogen Naylor adding “Perfect start to my day that!!! couldn’t of said it better myself”.

Ambassador for the campaign, Dr Alex George, who has spent hundreds of hours working on the frontline says: “Showing kindness and compassion is something that is needed now more than ever, and even the smallest act of kindness can travel the furthest and really help our mental health, so it’s quite apt that these messages will quite literally be travelling the roads to bring some joy to people’s lives.

“I’m so happy to be helping Brits to share messages of kindness to loved ones in such a unique way, especially as keeping tabs on our mental health and checking in with family and friends is key to getting through this lockdown.”

Residents in London, Liverpool and Manchester received messages from friends and loved ones this week as part of a campaign to proactively exercise kindness and spread joy across the nation.


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