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NEW GYM: Plans for four storey gym in Dingle approved

NEW GYM: Plans for four storey gym in Dingle approved

Plans for a gym offering pilates, yoga and HIIT sessions have been approved by Liverpool Council.

The proposals from TG Emperor will see a four storey gym built on land on the corner of Mill Street and Park Street in Dingle.

The plans had originally faced opposition from Riverside ward councillors who were concerned that it would affect the operation of a much loved horse riding stables that sits next to the site.

Park Palace Ponies is a much loved riding stables aimed at making horse riding more accessible for children from inner city areas.

A representative for the applicant told committee members the design of the building using translucent materials on the areas facing the stables, as opposed to windows, were intended to take into account the operation of the stables and ensure the businesses could coexist.

He said: “The design takes into consideration what has been at the heart of the development from the start and that is the end users of the proposal, as well as the existing businesses that are recognised as an asset to the community by this proposed development.

“It is within this perspective that the proposed development has its own interests aligned with the continued prosperity and operation of Park Palace Ponies in particular.

He said the development would mean a long vacant piece of land was brought back into use.

However, speaking at a meeting of the council’s planning committee, Riverside ward councillor Sarah Doyle said she was reassured by the revisions to the application made to support the stable’s continued operation.

She said: “We are happy to see that it would be a business joining Mill Street. It is an area where we would like to have more local businesses and more local opportunity and we are happy that it is part of the health and wellbeing sector.

“We have already echoed our support to the planning department about ongoing support to Park Palace Ponies.

“It is a very important community organisation that does a lot of work with local children and families so if the applicants can commit to supporting Park Palace Ponies then we are happy with that.”

The plans were approved unanimously by the committee.

Words: Nick Tyrrell, Local Democracy Reporter

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