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HOT PURSUIT: Woman breaks covid rules to look for ‘fit fellas’

HOT PURSUIT: Woman breaks covid rules to look for ‘fit fellas’

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A covid rule-breaker was fined after she breached lockdown restrictions by driving to Liverpool - to look for "fit fellas".

Louise Whelan, then 29, initially told cops she was going shopping but later confessed she was on the prowl for men.

She was fined £220 for breaching restrictions imposed during the first national lockdown when she was stopped on May 4 last year.

Cops stopped Whelan in Tollemarche Road, Birkenhead, and she told officers she had dropper her niece off and had been to the shops.

But a police officer made further inquiries which revealed she had crossed the River Mersey into nearby Liverpool.

In a witness statement provided to the court, PC David Cullen said: “I asked her why they had been to Liverpool to which she stated: ‘I was just trying to see some fella’.

“She went on to say that she had had some problems in Wirral and that Liverpool had loads of ‘fit fellas’ and that she was driving around trying to find some.

“I pointed out to her that this was not a valid reason to be out to which she replied: ‘I wasn’t even going shopping that was a lie.’”

After hearing Whelan’s excuse, PC Cullen told her that he would be reporting her for breaching the Covid restrictions, to which she replied “OK”.

In a private hearing, magistrate Gordon Roberts found Whelan guilty of leaving her residence without reasonable excuse during the emergency period and fined her £220.

Mr Roberts also ordered her to pay £85 in costs and £34 as a surcharge for victims’ services, bringing her total fine to £339.

Whelan’s comments have now come to light following the release of witness statements relating to cases heard under the single justice procedure.

The procedure allows a lone magistrate sitting in private to decide cases without lawyers or defendants present.

The magistrate makes their decision based on written evidence, and only if the defendant agrees to be tried using this procedure.

Words: Ashley Pemberton, South West News Service

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