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BOUNCING BACK: The Baltic has welcomed its first hotel as hospitality looks to make a come back post-pandemic


Following one of, if not the most challenging periods for hospitality on Merseyside things look like they might be bouncing back, with a brand new addition hailing a fresh start for the Baltic Triangle - The Baltic Hotel.

The road to recovery was always going to be a long one for the hospitality sector. Not only did trade slow down, some halting completely due to the pandemic, but things like rent and bills still had to be paid.
But there is hope that all that is mostly behind us now, with many business owners now able to let themselves feel a bit more optimistic about the future.
Meet Duncan and Vicky, two of the people behind The Baltic Hotel, the Baltic Triangle's first and only hotel. After nearly a year and a half of unpredictability and hardship for restaurants, bars and hotels it still feels a bit novel to welcome new businesses to the city.
The impact of the pandemic has been felt by businesses great and small, with Debenhams having to close their high street stores to places like Siren here in the Baltic Triangle having to say goodbye to their customers for the last time earlier this year.
And though we're not quite out of the woods yet when it comes to coronavirus, it's clear that people are excited to be get back to a great night out.
We weren't sure how long it was going to be until new ventures started popping up as the pandemic left many bringing down their shutters for the last time.
’But the rise of the staycation could be something that sticks for a while, as people realise there's so much to see and do right here in the UK. This of course giving a much needed boost to the hospitality industry, and confidence to potential new entrepreneurs.

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