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BREXIT BOOM: Liverpool company sees demand soar


With tougher post-Brexit immigration rules having an impact on the number of European Union citizens seeking work within the UK, many industries are seeing an impact.


However, for one Liverpool company at least, leaving the EU has impacted them positively. International shipping and logistics company Brunswick International has even opened a new HQ to deal with demand.

The business has moved from its former Kirkdale base where it had operated from for over twenty years to move to a state of the art 50,000 sq.ft warehouse in Hunts Cross.

The new premises, which also includes 15,000 sq.ft of external storage space, follows a surge in demand from growing numbers of domestic and international clients.

The new base includes more storage bays and temperature controlling facilities which will allow Brunswick to widen the products it imports and exports.

Brunswick has also been granted a Customs Bond facility, which will allow businesses to store their goods with the advantage of delaying the payment of custom duties until the goods are released.

This isn't the cases for all businesses post Brexit.

Brexit has caused a "massive hole" in the numbers of people coming to the UK to pick fruit in the summer months putting growers "on the brink", it is claimed.

Numbers of seasonal workers applying to work at one company are down 90% in the last two years and there are fears for the future.

Stephen Taylor, managing director of Winterwood Farms Ltd, said the labour market has got "tighter and tighter" over the last couple of years.

He said the impact of Brexit on the flow of workers to UK farms is only getting worse.

A spokesperson from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said the Government will "always back our farmers and growers" and ensure producers across the UK have the support and workforce that they need.

Searches from EU workers for jobs in the UK are down by almost half since the Brexit referendum five years ago, new research suggests.

Interest has fallen most in lower-paid jobs in hospitality and retail, according to a study by jobs site Indeed.

There has also been a decline in Europeans' interest in higher-paid jobs, although it has been offset by demand from non-EU countries, said the report.

The Government's new immigration regime aims to prioritise those with the highest skills but in practice it is also making it harder to recruit foreign workers for most lower-paid jobs, said Indeed.




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