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END OF THE ROAD: A group of cyclists made it to COP26 in Glasgow from Brighton


We catch up with a group of climate change activists who cycled all the way from Brighton to Glasgow for COP26 raising awareness of the climate crisis along the way. 

Ahead of the COP26 summit, the UK government said it was committed to working with all countries and joining forces with civil society, companies and people on the frontline of climate change to inspire climate action ahead of the conference.

To highlight the importance of the fight against climate change, a group of cyclists took it upon themselves to ride over 500 miles from Brighton to Glasgow in an attempt to send the message to world leaders that serious action is needed now.

Along the way, the climate change activists met up with some of the amazing community groups across the country who are getting stuck into climate solutions which, the team have said, demonstrate that the technology and know-how is already there to take a huge step towards protecting out planet.

The aim was to cycle around 60 miles a day, which is what the ‘core group’ of cyclists who started from Brighton did to complete the ride in 9 days.

After cycling for 9 days, the pack completed their 522-mile journey from Brighton to Glasgow, where they were welcomed by a group of Extinction Rebellion members from back home.

Tired, cold and wet, yet proud of their achievement, the 12 cyclists crossed into Scotland on Halloween day,
stopping in Moffat overnight.

They left on a rainy, windy morning to cover the final 77 miles. With no time to celebrate, the cyclists went straight to the COP26 cycling forum, organised by BYCS, an Amsterdam based social enterprise that believes cycling can transform cities and in turn the world.

The group reflect on what they’ve learned over the past 9 days, what their favourite parts of the journey were, and how this experience has brought them closer to people across the country.

William Ranieri reports.

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