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COVID-19: Coronavirus update in Wirral

COVID-19: Coronavirus update in Wirral

Image: LDRS

Wirral recorded more than 1,000 Covid-19 cases in the most recent week, with a massive difference in the prevalence of the virus across the borough.

In the week up to August 31, there were 1,004 coronavirus cases in Wirral, at a rate of 310 per 100,000.

That is a small rise on the previous week’s rate of 307 per 100,000, with 994 cases recorded.

The borough’s infection rate has been quite stable for a number of weeks now, after a surge in July when it rose above 500 per 100,000.

While the current figure, hovering around 300 per 100,000, remains high, it is far below the peak of the virus in early January, when Wirral’s infection rate surged to more than 980 per 100,000.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of Wirral’s Covid-19 numbers is where in the borough people are becoming infected with the virus.

In the seven days up to August 31, nine of the ten most infected council wards in Wirral were in the east of the borough.

Liscard had the most cases (64), followed by Rock Ferry (57), Eastham (54) and Wallasey (54).

Of Wirral’s 22 wards, the only ward in the west of the borough to feature in the top 10 was Upton.

On the other hand, five of the seven wards with the lowest number of cases are in the west of the borough, this includes Heswall, Moreton West and Saughall Massie, Greasby, Frankby and Irby, Pensby and Thingwall, and West Kirby and Thurstaston.

The east/west split in Wirral’s experience of the virus has been apparent throughout the pandemic, but appears to be even more stark than ever at the moment.

Something the whole borough can be thankful for is the success of the vaccine rollout, which has ensured the relatively high prevalence of the virus in Wirral has had a far smaller impact on hospitals than earlier waves.

On August 31, there were 37 people being treated for Covid-19 in Wirral’s hospitals, again a figure that is fairly stable, whereas on January 22 there were 279 coronavirus patients in the borough’s hospitals.


Words: George Morgan, Local Democracy Reporter

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