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COVID REVIEW: The highest and lowest cases and rates in the LCR

COVID REVIEW: The highest and lowest cases and rates in the LCR

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As we enter our fourth week of the latest lockdown, neighbourhoods in the Liverpool City Region are faring differently in the battle against coronavirus.

Around 10% of Liverpool’s population has now received its first dose of the covid vaccine including almost all elderly residents and staff in care homes.

We are experiencing a gradual decline in cases across the region, with the Prime Minister today saying the government is looking at how and when they can get things open again.

The Liverpool City Region average infection rate for the week ending January 23 was 577 cases per 100,000, with 8,995 new cases.

Two weeks prior to these figures, on December , the infection rate for the region was 1,057 per 100,000, with 16,485 new cases.

As in previous weeks, cases are considerably lower in some neighbourhoods, than others.

And some, sadly, saw their number of cases rise in the week up to January 21.

Currently, the area known as Halewood North is the city region’s worst impacted neighbourhood.

Its infection rate is currently 1,315 per 100,000 – up from 1,111 in the previous week; an increase of 18%.

The area which saw the biggest increase is Fazakerley South, where confirmed case numbers jumped 63 from 83 in a week – an increase of 32%.

The least impacted of the region’s neighbourhoods is the area known as Central and Islington, where there were 21 new cases reported in a week.

This is an infection rate of 120 per 100,000 people.

The majority of neighbourhoods saw a decline in infection.

Of these, West Kirby saw the biggest decrease in cases – 13 confirmed new cases, compared with 47 in the previous week.

This gives an infection rate of 166 per 100,000.

The areas of the city region which currently have the highest infection rates are:

Halewood North – 1,315 per 100,000
Halewood South – 1,180 per 100,000
Whiston North – 1,144 per 100,000
Anfield West – 1,085 per 100,000
Fazakerley North – 1,069 per 100,000

Those with the lowest are:

Central and Islington – 120 per 100,000
West Kirby – 166 per per 100,000
Edge Hill – 212 per 100,000
Wavertree South – 261 per 100,000
West Allerton per 100,000

Words: Kate Lally, Local Democracy Reporter

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