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NOT JUST VINTAGE: Meet up & coming Scouse artist Coxy who has found all the support she needs in Birkenhead


We meet Coxy, an up and coming Scouse artist who has found a unique support network in Birkenhead!

In Birkenhead on Oxton Road, you can find a whole myriad of unique and intriguing items. But what you might not realise is that, in this building, artists can find so much more than just somewhere they can sell their wares.

As well as being able to showcase their talents to the locals, and visitors to Birkenhead, here artists will find all the support and training they need when it comes to thinking of themselves as a business.

As Coxy said when we met her at the shop, sometimes the most creative minds aren’t in tune with the business side of things. And that’s where Gary comes in.

The Not Just Vintage shop was created in November 2013 and started as an experimental pop up shop created by Memory Lane fairs. The idea was to bring together small new businesses under one roof and give them a chance to have a small shop at an affordable rate.

It soon turned into a full time shop open 6 days a week and has continued to expand over the last few years.

The rent is inclusive, which means there are no further costs once an artist has decided on the amount of space needed.

With this, business development advice is provided free of charge covering planning, development, and all aspects of social media. Guidance is provided by Stu and Gary who have many years of experience running their own businesses between them.

Currently home to up to 20 businesses selling vintage clothing, jewellery, art, craft, memorabilia, books, designer sculpture, Vinyl records, watches and more, all types of trades are welcome to join whether start-ups or existing businesses.

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