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DRINKING PROBLEMS: Off licence proposals slammed

DRINKING PROBLEMS: Off licence proposals slammed

Prescot Road, Liverpool, Image: Google Maps

Plans to sell alcohol from 8am in an area with street drinking problems have been slammed by local councillors.

Easy Go Convenience, on Prescot Road in Fairfield, has submitted proposals for a new licence to Liverpool Council which would allow it to sell booze from early in the morning until 11pm.

But it has come up against opposition from councillors and neighbours who worry about its effect on local kids as well as its potential to aggravate street drinking and alcohol related violence.

In an objection submitted to the council’s licensing and gambling sub-committee, the three Kensington and Fairfield Ward councillors said the area already has “significant street drinking issues”.

Councillors Wendy Simon, Liam Robinson and Sue Walker said: “Issues have included aggressive begging, noise from drunks arguing and singing as well as instances.

“There are a number of supported living properties in the area that house those with alcohol addictions, the number of which has only grown due to short term housing during the pandemic, residents are significantly concerned about another off license in the area adding to this problem.

“This is of significant concern not least as the current Street Drinking PSPO is in the process of being renewed due to these issues.”

A number of neighbours have also objected to the plans, with one saying there are “already 8 plus venues with licences to serve alcohol within 2km”.

In their submission, councillors Simon, Robsinson and Walker added that a number of neighbours had raised concerns about the shop being along the route that many children take to school.

They said: “Numerous residents have contacted us concerned this this premises is on the main walking route for hundreds of homes in the Fairfield long streets, Fairfield Park and former Police Club estate areas to the local secondary school, the Academy of St Francis of Assisi, and are thus concerned about the exposure of children to alcohol and street drinkers in the area.”

Representatives from Easy Go Convenience will have the chance to respond to complaints at a meeting of the council’s licensing and gambling sub-committee next week.


Words: Nick Tyrrell, Local Democracy Reporter

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