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EXTENDED OPENING: Gino D’Acampo restaurant hit with backlash

EXTENDED OPENING: Gino D’Acampo restaurant hit with backlash

The existing restaurant on Castle St, Liverpool, Image: Google Maps

Proposals for Gino D’Acampo’s new Liverpool restaurant to remain open until 3am on weekends have been hit with a backlash from neighbours.

The restaurant is in the new INNSiDE Liverpool hotel in the former Liverpool ECHO building on Old Hall Street.

The hotel opened in September following extensive renovations to the building after the ECHO’s move to new offices across the road in 2018.

The 17-floor development includes the city’s second Gino D’Acampo restaurant which has a sky bar.

However, plans submitted by the restaurant to extend its opening time from midnight to 2am during the week and 3am during the weekends have seen a number of objections from neighbours of nearby apartment blocks.

The restaurant will have a chance to respond to the concerns at a licensing and gambling sub-committee meeting next month.

In statements to the council, a number of residents said they were concerned that the late opening would expose them to high levels of noise as well as anti-social behaviour.

One objector wrote:  “This excessive opening time can only lead to disorder relating to drunkeness in what is currently a quiet part of the City.

“There are residential buildings in Brook Street and St Paul’s Square whose quality of life could be adversely affected.”

A number of objectors also said that the closing time was out of line with other premises nearby, pointing to a number of places that close at 11pm or midnight.

One said: “A music and alcohol licence until 03:00 for the sky-bar is likely to cause public nuisance through severe noise disturbance to residents of West Tower for whom there is a close and uninterrupted line of sight/sound of the Innside building.

“It is out of keeping with nearby premises – for example Panoramic 34 in West Tower closes at 11pm. Disruption may carry more weight for those with children or working shifts.”

While many of the residents said they appreciated the value that new businesses brought to the city, they said they felt that needed to be balanced with the needs of residents.

They said: “We all understand that businesses, like Gino’s, bring jobs and revenue to the city and this is fundamental to the city’s prosperity, which I am sure we all want.

“However balance is required. Facilities like Gino’s rely on the support of residents and visitors to the city but is their application reasonable if the cost destroys the relative tranquility of this area of the city; invalidates the reasons residents had for choosing to live in the area; and alienates locals?”

Gino D’Acampo Restaurants have been approached for comment.

The council’s licensing and gambling sub-committee will meet on Thursday, October 21 to discuss the application.


Words: Nick Tyrrell, Local Democracy Reporter

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