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FERRY TERMINAL: Noise problems in Seacombe

FERRY TERMINAL: Noise problems in Seacombe

Image: LDRS

A desperate resident has resorted to putting toilet paper in his ears to try and block noise from a nearby ferry terminal at night.

Phil, who did not want his surname revealed, lives at Mersey Court near to Seacombe Ferry Terminal in Wirral.

He told the LDRS that he cannot sleep at night due to noise coming from the ferry terminal and has resorted to putting toilet paper in his ears to try and deal with the problem.

Phil added: “The noise is coming from the landing platform. My grievance is that it is going on until 12.30am, that’s the latest it went on until [last night], the night before it was 12.15am.

“I can’t understand how it can be allowed in a built-up area. It sounds like a pneumatic drill bringing up concrete.

“When it goes into reverse you get the reversing siren. That is constant, even with double glazed windows closed and living really high up in the sky, the noise still travels up here.”

The issue has become so severe that Phil decided there was only one way to solve it.

He continued: “Even with the windows closed I have to ram toilet paper in my ears to get myself to sleep.

“It’s not nice, I can’t understand how it has been passed off to be done in a built-up area. If it was done by 10pm it wouldn’t be ideal but at least most people go to bed around that time.

“Carrying on an extra two hours past 10pm is greedy.”

Phil said the noise has continued today, but he has the “most amazing” views of Liverpool from his flat and would not move.

However, he was really surprised that the noise went on so late into the night on consecutive days.

A spokesperson for Merseytravel, the organisation responsible for managing the region’s ferries, said: “We can confirm that some night works were recently carried out at Seacombe Ferry Terminal as part of the ongoing refurbishment of the landing stage and linkspan bridges and are very sorry for the noise which disturbed residents.

“Our contractors do carry out the majority of works during the day and try to minimise disruption to residents as much as possible.

“On the rare occasions when works are to be carried out at night, the contractor has given residents advance notice. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen on this occasion due to the urgent nature of the works.

“Merseytravel takes complaints of this nature very seriously and apologise for the inconvenience this has caused. We will of course work with the contractor to ensure future disruption is kept to a minimum.”

Wirral Council has not received any complaints about noise in the area.

A spokesperson for the authority said: “Advice about noise nuisance – including information about when and how to report it to the council – can be found on the council website (”


Words: George Morgan, Local Democracy Reporter

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