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GOING GREEN: Inside the Mini factory, where around 30% of cars made are now electric


GOING GREEN: As Cop26 negotiations continue in Glasgow, take a look inside the Mini factory in Oxford, where around a third of all cars produced are now fully electric, and energy consumption efficiencies include a vast solar panel array on the roof of the bodyshop.

The Cop26 conference “is not going to fix” climate change in one go, Boris Johnson said.

But the Prime Minister told a press conference: “What we can possibly do, if things go well in the remaining 48 hours, 52 hours, whatever we’ve got – and I don’t see why we shouldn’t go into extra time if we have to, but you know I don’t want to – is the possibility that we will come away from this with the first genuine road map for a solution to anthropogenic climate change that I can think of in my lifetime.”

He said the most depressing thing about climate change has been that it “doesn’t really look as though it’s capable of being fixed any time soon”. But he said we need to “keep holding nations and governments to account, and of course corporations as well, and businesses as well.”

Approximately 1,000 cars are made at the Oxford Mini plant every day, with around one in three now fully electric. Motor manufacture on the site has taken place since 1913.

Parent company BMW is now embracing the move to reduce carbon emissions and is going green, not just with electric vehicles but energy saving in the manufacturing process, including a 20,000 square metre solar panel array, which allows the factory to reduce emissions by around 1,500 tonnes of CO2 per year, while producing the same amount of energy per year needed to power about 850 homes.

Other measures include new robots in the paintshop to reduce material waste, along with LED lights to lower electricity consumption when cars are being painted.

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