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HUGE FAILINGS: Care home report

HUGE FAILINGS: Care home report

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A Merseyside care provider has been slated over huge failings on medicines and Covid-19.

ICare Solutions (Wirral) Ltd is based in Wallasey and provides care services, such as helping with personal hygiene and eating, for 78 people.

But it was rated ‘inadequate’, the worst score possible, by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) after a recent inspection revealed many shocking problems with the service.

Perhaps the most serious issue was to do with the way care visits were managed.

The report said: “One person told us: ‘When [new carers] come, they come blind; no clue what I need so I don’t feel so good about them’.

“Relatives said: ‘Many times a stranger comes, someone [who] has never met [them] before and there is no handover, no induction to the person they are coming to care for’ and ‘I have no issues with the regular carers but lots with other random people’.”

Although some people had established call times and regular carers, others did not. People who used the service lost out heavily from this.

The document read: “Staff rotas showed most calls were planned appropriately.

“However, some rotas showed they had more than one call scheduled at the same time and others had little or no travel time incorporated into this to enable them to travel between people’s homes and still arrive on time.

“One relative told us their family member’s evening call had recently been missed completely. This meant they did not receive prescribed pain relief and were left in pain.

“Another person told us a staff member arrived at 1.45pm to make their breakfast.”

Members of staff who spoke to inspectors gave some insight on what it is like to work for the company.

The report added: “They told us: ‘I get messed around every week and moved runs all the time. Constantly allocated to different people, don’t think the office staff have a clue, no idea what they are doing’ and ‘ICare is a good service but the office isn’t organised.

‘I get moved runs all the time, so don’t really get to know people.”

Failings on Covid-19 rules were also discussed in the document.

It continued: “We saw that not all staff wore masks in the office and people told us care staff did not always follow current guidance regarding the use of personal protective equipment.

“People told us: ‘They are good at wearing gloves, but they don’t all like the masks and I don’t say anything’ and ‘They don’t wear aprons and not always masks which concerns me’.”

Another section of the report read: “There was no evidence of staff Covid-19 testing recorded.

“Some staff told us they completed tests, but others did not. Since the inspection the registered manager told us all staff are required to complete and record a test each week.

“Not all staff had completed infection control training since the Covid-19 pandemic began.”

The report also said there were “multiple gaps” when it came to recording when medicines had been given.

The document added: “Records showed that people did not always receive their medicines safely as enough time was not allowed between calls.

“A relative told us: ‘The intervals between the medicines are wrong because of their poor time keeping and I don’t think that they understand the importance of the timing and gaps between medicines’.”

The report gave another deeply worrying example of issues in this area.

It added: “A relative told us a carer had chosen not to give their relative pain medication and told them, ‘I didn’t bother giving it to her as she takes so many’.”

This was said to have happened several times. The person in question was in pain and has since been admitted to hospital.

The inspector’s report also noted that “not all staff had had their competency assessed to ensure they could administer medicines safely”.

ICare Solutions (Wirral) Ltd was asked to comment on the report, but chose not to do so.


Words: George Morgan, Local Democracy Reporter

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