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IMPACT OF COVID: Draft procurement strategy

IMPACT OF COVID: Draft procurement strategy

Warrington town centre, Image: LDRS

Councillors are set to discuss a draft procurement strategy ahead of its anticipated approval in October following the ‘profound impact’ of coronavirus.

The organisational improvement and development policy committee will be asked to note the council’s draft procurement strategy for 2021-24 during its meeting on Wednesday.

Members are also being asked to consider any feedback they would want to be raised with the cabinet, or additional areas that should be considered for inclusion.

The council has developed a new draft procurement strategy, with input and engagement provided from across the organisation. It will be presented to cabinet for approval in October 2021.

The strategy aims to ensure the council is ready to embrace future requirements and best practice, while effectively supporting successful delivery of its corporate strategy across all areas of procurement and commissioning activity.

It aims to communicate clearly to members, employees, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders the council’s vision for how procurement and commissioning of goods, works and services will be carried out.

In the foreword of the draft strategy, it says the council spends around £230 million a year on goods, services and works.

It adds: “This contributes significantly to the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the local area and to the wider region.

“Covid-19 has had a profound impact on all aspects of the council’s services and significantly changed the needs of users of those services.

“The council has successfully addressed the urgent situation to ensure services continue to be provided, in some instances this has meant reducing services or delaying implementation of changes in the services.

“Moving forward it will be necessary to review all contracts to ensure they meet the future provision needs, reassessing proposed procurements to ensure suitability and developing new work methodologies.

“Economic recovery from the pandemic will focus the council’s procurement activity to develop the local economy and boost employment and growth.”


Words: Aran Dhillon, Local Demcoracy Reporter

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