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CLIMATE FAILURE: Labour claims government have failed to deliver ambitious transport decarbonisation plan

CLIMATE FAILURE: Labour claims government have failed to deliver ambitious transport decarbonisation plan


The Government “has failed” the test of delivering an ambitious transport decarbonisation plan to lead the world ahead of Cop26, Labour said.

Shadow transport secretary Jim McMahon said: “With transport now the largest contributor to UK emissions, this should have been the chance for ministers to really set out that ambitious plan, (which) could really lead the way ahead of Cop26. Not warm words or reannouncements, but a real plan supporting aviation and maritime, rail and freight, local public transport alongside active travel.”

Responding to a Commons statement from Transport Secretary Grant Shapps on the Transport Decarbonisation Plan (TDP), Mr McMahon joked that he looked “forward to seeing it later in the library when I get pointed towards the fiction section as with most of the strategies produced by the Government”.

He pointed to the absence of a van scrappage scheme, a “woeful lack” of electrical vehicle charging points, a “reduction of thousands” of bus routes, while adding that at the same time ticket prices “have rocketed”.

Mr McMahon added: “This climate emergency requires urgent action, actually many years ago, yet after a decade in government I’m afraid they’ve been found wanting.

“We were promised an ambitious plan to lead the world ahead of Cop26, if that was a test, then I’m afraid the Government has failed.”

The Transport Secretary

Grant Shapps told MPs transport was “now the single biggest contributor to UK greenhouse gas emissions”.

The Transport Secretary said: “I ask where is Labour’s plan? Where are the detailed plans, where is the level of technical analysis, because all I ever hear is not having read our plan, they don’t have their own, and yet they’re still up for criticising ours.”

He added: “Today we are publishing our Transport Decarbonisation Plan, the first in the world, a comprehensive yet urgent strategy to end transport’s contribution to climate change within the next three decades, showing global leadership as we prepare to host Cop26 in November.”

Mr Shapps went on: “It’s not about stopping people doing things, it’s about doing the same things differently. We still want to fly on holiday, but it will be in more efficient aircraft, we will be using sustainable fuel. We still drive our cars on improved roads, but increasing in zero emission.”

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