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LIVE THEATRE: Welcoming back audiences


Boris Johnson has announced nearly all restrictions will end on July 19, allowing theatres to welcome back full crowds something which performers have been missing over the past fifteen months.

While some theatres reopened following the easing of coronavirus restrictions, they've only allowed to put on performances in front of reduced audiences.

Tmesis Theatre tell us how it feels to finally get back to performing in front of an audience, all be it a reduced socially distanced one for the time being.

Subject to a final review of the data next week, legal restrictions will end on Monday 19 July.

All venues currently closed will be allowed to reopen, including nightclubs, and there will be no legal requirement for table service in hospitality settings.

Face coverings will no longer be legally required in shops, schools, hospitality, or on public transport and the 1m plus rule will be lifted.

However, a new poll by YouGov suggests that 71% of people believe face coverings should continue to be mandatory on public transport once restrictions are lifted.

And, it said, 66% of people believe face coverings should continue to be mandatory in shops and some enclosed public places once restrictions are lifted.

Over 79 million vaccine doses have now been administered in the UK, every adult has now been offered at least one dose, and 64% of adults have received two doses.

The government has also today confirmed the rollout will accelerate further, by reducing the vaccine dose interval for under 40s from 12 weeks to 8. This will mean every adult has the chance to have two doses by mid-September.

The Government is considering whether to give a booster vaccine for coronavirus along with the flu jab over the winter.

The guidance to work from home where possible will also end, to allow employers to start planning a safe return to workplaces.

The cap on the number of named visitors for care home residents will be removed from the current maximum of five per resident, although infection prevention and control measures will remain in place to protect the most vulnerable.

While NHS Test and Trace will continue to play an important role in managing the virus, the PM also signalled the government's intention to move to a new regime whereby fully vaccinated people would no longer need to self-isolate if identified as a contact.



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