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LIVERPOOL TERROR ATTACK: A look at the aftermath of the Liverpool explosion

LIVERPOOL TERROR ATTACK: A look at the aftermath of the Liverpool explosion

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A Liverpool MP has said Muslim people in her constituency are facing racial hatred after the terror attack in the city over the weekend.

Labour MP Kim Johnson (Liverpool Riverside) told MPs: “Incidents such as these, while extremely rare, always provoke a spike in race hate and particular in the Muslim community, and my team have been hearing incidents where women wearing the Hijab are facing abuse.”

She called on the Government to review funding for security support in religious communities and said the amount currently received by Muslim communities was “not proportionate”.

Ms Johnson added: “We must remain alert but not alarmed. We must stay calm, look after each other and pull together as the great diverse city we are and not allow anyone to exploit this situation to divide us.

“It is times like these when we must stand in solidarity and renew our resolve, and remember we have far more that unites than divides us.”

The Home Office

A Home Office minister has suggested “significant attention and resources” will be paid to the possible risk from lone attackers following the explosion at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

Conservative MP Philip Hollobone (Kettering) said: “In the light of recent attacks, is there going to be a pivot amongst the security services and the police towards concentrating on lone actors – which in many ways are the most difficult to identify and prevent?”

Kit Malthouse, in his reply, told the Commons: “This is one of the most difficult areas of investigation and while I can’t speculate on whether there’ll be a pivot or otherwise, he, I hope, knows that we are constantly paying attention to where we believe the threat is coming from and refining our ability to both identify it and prevent it emerging in the first place.

“There have been a number of different styles and different natures of attack over the years.

“He will remember, for example, what became known as the Mumbai-style attack some time ago which had implications for our resilience and we did extensive work to protect ourselves from that style of attack.

“Similarly work will be ongoing as we see this phenomenon increase and I can reassure him that significant attention and resources will be being paid to it.”

Liverpool Cathedral

In a statement, Liverpool Cathedral and Diocese said: “The Dean (Sue Jones) and Chapter of Liverpool Cathedral have expressed their shock at the news that the bomber on Sunday, was connected to our community.

“Like everyone in the city we were horrified at the actions of this individual, are thankful for the heroic actions of David Perry and grateful that further death and injury was prevented.

“Clearly we cannot speculate on the motivations of this individual.

“However we are clear that the actions of an individual do not reflect a whole community and we remain united with all in the city and country who work for peace as we continue to pray for Liverpool at this time.”

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