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“IT’S JUST BEWILDERING”: Local Reverend reacts to the Liverpool terror attack


Members of the community and organisations have shared their reaction after a bomb went off outside the Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Sunday 14 November. 

Reverend Mike Hindley, from Emmanuel Church in Fazakerley, Liverpool, said Emad Al Swealmeen, who they knew as Enzo, was involved in the church from 2017 to 2019.

He said: “Enzo was here for a couple of years until 2019 when we gradually lost touch with him.

“It’s just bewildering that a guy who was a really kind guy has ended up in that situation.”

Rev Hindley said Al Swealmeen came to the church from Liverpool Cathedral.

He said: “He was around a lot and involved in a lot, but it was just like if anyone else joins the church from somewhere else.”

The Rev Mike Hindley said the news Emad Al Swealmeen had been involved in the explosion at Liverpool Women’s Hospital had been a shock to the community at Emmanuel Church.

He said: “I’m still processing it. It’s shocking to have somebody who you know who is going through something that has led them to a suicide bombing.”

He said Al Swealmeen “never made a secret” of the fact he had mental health problems, but he did not go into great detail about them with him.

A spokesman for Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, which provides mental health services, said Emad Al Swealmeen was not under their care at the time of the explosion, although he had received treatment in the past.

The spokesman said: “We can confirm Emad Al Swealmeen had previously accessed our services but was not a service user at the time of the incident”

A spokesman for the City of Liverpool College said: “Like many, we are deeply saddened by the events at Liverpool Women’s Hospital this weekend.

“Emad (Enzo) Al Swealmeen was an adult cake decorating student at the college during the 2018/2019 academic year and we are dismayed to hear of his involvement in the tragic events that took place.

“The wellbeing of our students and staff remains the City of Liverpool College’s number one priority during this time, which has been distressing for all across the city and wider city region.

“In line with the public appeals from Merseyside Police and other local leaders, we don’t intend to comment further on what is still an active police investigation at this time.”

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