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NEW BRIGHTON: How is Marine Lake being transformed?

NEW BRIGHTON: How is Marine Lake being transformed?

Image: LDRS

New images show how New Brighton’s Marine Lake is being transformed with wakeboarding and pedalos among the activities set to arrive at the site.

Last month, the LDRS reported that watersports could be up and running as soon as June under plans for the Wirral seaside town, set out by ADV New Brighton Ltd.

The company, which will operate the activities from a building on Kings Parade under the name Wild Shore New Brighton, has a 25 year lease on Marine Lake.

Work is now well underway at the lake, paving the way for a summer of fun in the seaside town.

A spokesperson for Wild Shore New Brighton today confirmed the plan to open next month and said it will announce a firm date for this in the near future.

Last month, the company detailed what it will be offering at Marine Lake.

At the time, a spokesperson for Wild Shore New Brighton, said: “We are delighted to be offering a range of unique and exciting activities including Wakeboarding, [an] Aqua Park, Open Water Swimming, Stand Up Paddleboarding and Pedalos.

“Our offering of water based activities will grow and develop year on year.

“Wild Shore New Brighton intends to bring many benefits to the wider community which includes substantial job creation and a safe space for people of various ages and abilities to engage in new activities with the assistance of our experienced, qualified staff and equipment.”

Wild Shore added it will provide “industry leading customer service to the community and bring unique and exciting activities to the waterfront”.

Planning permission for the project was granted by Wirral Council last June, despite the concerns of some that the company’s taking over of the site could spell trouble for wild swimmers.

On this, Wild Shore said: “We have now been engaged with local stakeholders, which include the wild swimmers along with a number of different community groups and the community council, for over a year, which included a public consultation prior to our planning application being submitted.

“Following on from these detailed discussions, we felt it was important for local wild swimmers to retain free access to the water, at agreed times [set out within] our operational hours, throughout the year.

“Any such use will be at the users own risk, and we may ask for proof of adequate insurance cover for the group.

“This information is publicly accessible on our website along with our expected opening hours.”

Wild Shore wanted to make it clear that it was not looking to cut the lake off from groups who have used it for years.

The company’s statement continued: “We are fully aware of the Marine Lake’s standing within the local community and aim to increase accessibility not restrict it.

“We will be delivering safe and managed sessions for people to participate in water based activities during our operational hours and will endeavour to give organised access to the water for community groups at significantly reduced rates.”

Words: George Morgan, Local Democracy Reporter

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