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NEWS ROUNDUP: Report reveals 30 stalled developments & tourism to receive a major boost


Report finds 30 stalled developments in the city and Liverpool tourism given a major boost.

A report has revealed that more than 30 stalled development sites remain in Liverpool, while work has re-started on a further ten across the city. Work has begun to establish the severity of the issue and figure out ways to respond.

Bring tourism back from the brink
A new £1.5 million fund has been launched to lure UK tourists back to the Liverpool City Region. The plan is to create a £3.2m three-year programme to rebuild the visitor economy, with the majority of the money set to come from the private sector.
Market traders row
A Kirkby councillor has hit back at claims he supported Knowsley Council’s stance on charging market traders rent while they were closed during lockdown. Steve Smith said there's still “unanswered questions” about the decision to pursue traders for thousands of pounds in rent – a decision branded “immoral” by the traders themselves.
His comments came in response to claims by Knowsley Council that he had attended a meeting with other Whitefield ward councillors Louise Harbour and John Morgan and agreed that “the council could not change its position on this”.

Going further, deputy council leader Cllr Harbour said in a Facebook post that the three councillors agreed “that the council went above and beyond what we could, to provide support that would otherwise not have been available”.

However, Cllr Smith said: “Let me clarify, I can’t recall the last time Knowsley Council went ‘above and beyond’ for Kirkby or its residents.”

He added: “During our meeting it was suggested that if we gave ‘this’ to everyone it could cost Knowsley Council up to £2m. Several ‘potential’ figures were highlighted but the actual cost has still not been identified.

“I am well aware of the financial restraints imposed on councils by central government and so let me state unequivocally that I recognise there is no endless pot of money or the infamous magic money tree.

“However, what you fail to mention is my enquiry regarding the £1.3m profit Knowsley Council has made through a loan to a developer in Kirkby and if this money had already been allocated or if this could be used to ‘off set’ any shortfalls. A council official told me he ‘would get back to me’.”

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