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NEWSHAM PARK: 48-hour Dispersal Zone introduced following anti-social behaviour

NEWSHAM PARK: 48-hour Dispersal Zone introduced following anti-social behaviour

Image: Merseyside Police

Merseyside Police have introduced a 48-hour Dispersal Zone in Newsham Park today, Wednesday 17 February. This follows recent reports of anti-social behaviour, including the illegal and nuisance use of off-road bikes, drug use and criminal damage.

The order runs from 2pm today until 2pm on Friday 19 February and officers will be in the area to provide a visible presence and deal with any incidents.

The Dispersal Zone covers the area bounded in the map and to include the following area: Junction of Rocky Lane and Sheil Road North East to the junction of Green Lane. Turn right onto Green Lane travelling to the junction of Prescot Road. Turn right onto Prescot Road and travelling to the junction of Sheil Road. Turn right onto Sheil Road and return to the junction of Rocky Lane and Sheil Road.

The order comes under Section 34 of the Anti-Social Behaviour & Policing Act 2014, which gives police officers and police community support traffic officers powers to direct people they suspect are causing or likely to cause crime, nuisance or anti-social behaviour to members of the public to leave a designated area and not return for up to 48 hours.

Under the legislation, officers have the power to seize any item, including vehicles, used in the commission of anti-social behaviour.

Should a person who has previously been directed to leave the area return, an offence would be committed, which they may ultimately be arrested for.

Community Policing Inspector Andrew Lloyd said: “Green spaces in our communities are for people to enjoy, especially in these times of limited exercise. This order isn’t about bothering local residents and workers going about their daily business. It is to ensure that our parks and green spaces remain welcoming places for the vast majority of law-abiding members of the public, and to remove those who cause danger and distress with their thoughtless behaviour. Pass information to us and we will act.

“I’d also take this opportunity to ask all parents and guardians of young people to be aware where they are, and ensure they stay at home when possible. Gathering in any groups will prolong restriction for us all, and risk keeping the NHS and other emergency services under pressure.”

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