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PULLED TOGETHER: Moreton Remembrance Day display

PULLED TOGETHER: Moreton Remembrance Day display

The Remembrance Day display in Moreton, Image: Moreton in Bloom

Volunteers in Wirral have pulled together to make a striking Remembrance Day tribute.

The display in Moreton, Wirral, has been put together by a small team from the local community who wanted to pay their respects to soldiers who had given their lives to preserve our freedom.

Alison Holmes, 31, the treasurer of Moreton in Bloom, the community group which organised the tribute, said she wanted to do something to commemorate 100 years of the British Legion.

Ms Holmes added: “It started a couple of months ago when we asked the community to keep the bottoms of plastic bottles.

“We turned them into poppies and did a cascade. Over the past few weeks we have also been putting together the big net.

She said there were around 25 volunteers involved in the project, which had mainly been run by the 12 members of Moreton in Bloom.

Ms Holmes continued: “Some of us are from a military background. I have family members who have served. A lot of people say they get emotional when they see [the display].

“We’re proud to make this tribute which celebrates all those who served.”

Moreton in Bloom is also part of many efforts to improve the town.

On this, the group’s treasurer added: “We’ve had quite a transformation in the town, we have started cleaning things up and cleaning the streets.”

Moreton in Bloom works closely with councillors in the area and one of them, Cllr Steve Williams, who represents Moreton West and Saughall Massie, said he was proud of the Remembrance Day display.

Cllr Williams said: “I am proud. Especially at the moment with what we’ve had over the last few years [including the Covid-19 pandemic]. No one, or virtually no one, is against it. Most are for it.”

He commended the work Moreton in Bloom does at all times of the year.

Cllr Williams added: “It’s going from strength to strength. It started out as a small group, and now it has taken over the Christmas lights as well.

“The volunteers go out in all weather, they do weeding and water the plants to spruce up the town. They’ve got ideas for all sorts.

“It’s only a few people, but people are taking notice. We want to make Moreton more and more of a community and pull people together.”


Words: George Morgan, Local Democracy Reporter

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