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RISE IN CASES: Enhanced Covid-19 measures in schools

RISE IN CASES: Enhanced Covid-19 measures in schools

Twelve Liverpool school have had enhanced Covid-19 measures put in place since the start of term after seeing a continued rise in cases.

Liverpool Council figures published this week show that heightened controls have been ordered for seven primary schools and five secondary schools since kids went back at the start of the month.

The ten days up to September 22 saw close to 700 pupils and staff test positive for Covid-19 at city schools.

Councillors have been warned that cases in secondary schools are continuing to rise but infections in primary and special schools have plateaued.

Schools are no longer required to isolate entire bubbles in the event of a positive case, with close contacts asked to take a PCR test instead.

However, case levels are being monitored, with further restrictions being introduced when they record significant increases.

Most of the 12 schools that have seen those restrictions put in place have had lower level control measures.

However, two senior schools have now been put into heavier “Stage 2” measures after seeing Covid cases rise further.

Two primary schools have now been able to move out of the controls completely.

The specific schools are not identified in a report to the council’s education select committee.

The report said: “Since the start of term, 7 primary schools have had additional controls put in place in addition to their normal risk assessment for a 2-week period.

“Two schools have completed this period and have had the controls removed. Two schools are due to complete this period this week and are likely to have the controls removed. Three schools have had measures put in place this week.

“Five secondary schools have had measures put in place since the end of the on- site testing. Two schools have had a significant reduction in cases, one school has seen their cases steady and two schools have seen an increase in cases so have moved to stage 2 of interventions.”

Another 12 schools have also had discussions with council staff over the potential introduction of further controls.

A total of 653 students test positive for Covid-19 in the ten days to September 22, along with 86 staff members.

Secondary school pupils accounted for the bulk of positive cases, with a total of 462.

At primary level, 243 kids tested positive, while the figure for special schools was 20.


Words: Nick Tyrrell, Local Demcoracy Reporter

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