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SAVIO COLLEGE: School “with a bad rep” set to become an academy

SAVIO COLLEGE: School “with a bad rep” set to become an academy

Image: LDRS

A school “with a bad rep” is set to be turned into an academy after receiving the lowest possible rating from Ofsted twice in a row.

Savio Salesian College in Bootle was first rated inadequate following an inspection in October 2016. The school was then placed into special measures, and given an extensive list of improvements it must make.

But a second Ofsted report published in March 2019 suggested things had gone from bad to worse.

When it meets virtually on Thursday, Sefton Council’s cabinet looks set to approve the conversion of Savio into an academy.

Documents on the council’s website say the Secretary of State for Education is now required to issue an Academy Order.

If the school becomes an academy, it will no longer be maintained by the local authority.

The report goes on to say: “Since this school was judged inadequate the council has exercised its statutory duty to intervene and develop an action plan to support improvement in the school.”

The move is expected to cost the council around £700,000 – though documents say there is “sufficient provision” to meet the deficit.

Savio was recently praised by parents for going “above and beyond” during lockdown.

One mum told the LDRS she had been “completely humbled and brought to the point of happy tears” by the efforts of the staff and headteacher since last March.

The mum, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “The school comes with a bad rep and has done for a long time. It’s in what’s known to be a ‘bad area’, and I’m not speaking out of turn, I live there.

“But I’m of the understanding that if a kid is willing to work, they’ll do well wherever they are and I chose to send my daughter to Savio.

“Since she started, she’s done nothing but thrive, especially in this last year of madness.

“Every member of staff has gone out of their way to make sure every kid has all they need.”

She also said the school, which has around 450 pupils, does incredible work with some of Sefton’s most vulnerable children and young people.

Words: Kate Lally, Local Democracy Reporter

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