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SUMMER GETAWAY: New cruise line launches


Now new research shows Brits over the age of 50 say seeing new places and enjoying the warm weather are the top things they're most looking forward to.


The study is by Ambassador Cruise Line who are the first cruise line to launch since 2010. Following over a year of restrictions, it comes as no surprise, people are more eager than ever to get away.

The pandemic has had a huge impact on the cruise industry. Liverpool alone has lost out on most of the £14million in revenue cruise ship visits were projected to generate for the city last year.

Cruise ships were the first to shut down when Covid-19 hit, in order to protect their passengers and those back home. With plenty of time to ensure correct safety measures are in place and with the vaccine rollout being so successful, the first British cruise line in over a decade, is looking forward to welcoming passengers on-board.

Ambience is the first ship in the fleet for Ambassador Cruise Line, the first cruise line to launch since 2010. After completing its inaugural season next year, the line plans to expand with sailings from additional regional ports starting in spring 2023, including Liverpool.

Cruise ships will once again be preparing to raise their anchors and welcome back UK passengers for short trips to Liverpool from this summer.

Passengers on day-visits will be allowed to disembark and visit Liverpool as part of organised 'bubble' excursions only. All passengers will take Covid tests before and during trips.

Cruise operators have worked tirelessly to ensure all ships are Covid-safe. All will be carrying fewer people and have extra measures in place to protect passengers and crew, whilst allowing everyone on board to make the most of their cruising experience.

Liverpool's new cruise terminal which was originally due to open in 2022 has been delayed by another year due in part to the pandemic.

The new terminal has long been viewed as a key project for the council. The number of passengers entering through the current terminal has been rising year on year and it's hoped the new terminal will aid that expansion further.


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