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SUPER LEAGUE: The football world reacts to the Super League proposals with fans, pundits & governing bodies condemning plans


The football world reacts to the Super League proposals with fans, pundits & governing bodies condemning plans by 12 European clubs, including 6 from England, to break away and form their own competition.

Plans by Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur to form a European Super League with 6 other clubs in Europe have been branded ‘a criminal act’ against fans by ex-Manchester United and England star Gary Neville. Speaking on Sky Sports Monday Night Football, Neville along with fellow pundit Jamie Carragher strongly opposed the idea which would essentially see those clubs automatically play in a European competition and receive a minimum of £350 million every year for at least 23 seasons.

Under the current football pyramid, any club whether they be Manchester United or Macclesfield Town has a chance of playing European football if they can reach the top division, the Premier League, and then finish in the top 4 places. Ironically, two of those places are currently occupied by teams who didn’t get an invite in Leicester City and West Ham United. In this new competition, 15 founding members, including those six English teams, would be guaranteed participation every year. This destroys the meritocratic system that has been in place in football ever since league formats were created.

Fans up and down the country, including those of the teams involved, have also condemned the idea. The supporters clubs of each of the six clubs released statements saying they were against it. Liverpool fans put up banners at their stadium Anfield whilst Chelsea fans protested in their thousands outside their stadium ahead of a Premier League game against Brighton & Hove Albion.

The plans are reported to be the work of the owners of the clubs with Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and midfielder James Milner stating in interviews that they knew nothing about the Super League before and after their game against Leeds United on Monday night.

The Premier League, along with UEFA and the other top European leagues, released a statement which opposed the Super League and there is a genuine possibility those involved would be expelled from the Premier League as it would break the league’s current rules. UEFA said that players competing in a Super League would not be able to play for their national team.



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