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‘SUPER THURSDAY’ ELECTIONS: Where are the key areas to watch during Thursday’s elections – and what might the results mean for you?


It’s so-called ‘Super Thursday’ and it’s just around the corner! Roughly forty eight million people are eligible to vote later this week, as 5,000 candidates will be elected to positions of power.

Local councils, Senedd, Mayors and Police & Crime Commissioners, and the eyes of many are on the pre-polling.

Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer explaining to BBC Breakfast that whatever the results for Labour on Thursday, he takes full responsibility.

The Conservatives meanwhile - when pressed on recent allegations surrounding the Prime Minister which he denies - say the public aren’t interesting in politicking.

Thursday’s elections are likely to be a bellwether for how the public believes the four nations should rebuild post-covid - with other candidates including the Lib Dem’s, Greens and Reform UK plus a host of independents all vying for votes.

There are 60 MSs up for election in the Welsh Senedd, with 16 and 17 year olds also able to have their say and cast their vote in these devolved voting powers.

Meanwhile in England, 143 councils - that’s roughly 5,000 seats are up for grabs.

There are also 13 directly elected mayors across the UK facing the public vote, with Tees Valley and the West Midlands crucial areas for either Labour or the Conservatives to retain or take control of. There’ll also be a new West Yorkshire mayor elected.

An area those in Westminister will be watching closely will be the North East, with the Hartlepool by-election too. Recent polling from Survation and Good Morning Britain revealed the Conservatives currently sit at 17 points ahead of Labour - who are on 33% of the vote.

It’s likely we’ll get some English council results first, followed by the Hartlepool by election results on Friday morning, with Welsh parliament results and mayors following.

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