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Two short journeys a week by bike or on foot could slash carbon emissions in Liverpool City Region

Two short journeys a week by bike or on foot could slash carbon emissions in Liverpool City Region


People across the Liverpool City Region are being urged to take two short journeys a week by walking and cycling – to help slash carbon emissions by 130,000 tons a year.

By everyone ditching the car for just eight short journeys a month, carbon emissions would fall by the same amount as that produced by the population of Huyton every year.

The new campaign, launched this week by Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram, calls for a revolution in the way people get about.

And he urged people to think about whether the best vehicle for their next short journey – to work or school, to the local shops or to see nearby friends and family – might be their own two feet.

In 2019 the Liverpool City Region was the first in the UK to declare a climate emergency and to commit to becoming zero carbon by 2040.

But whilst great strides have been made over the last few years to find greener ways of powering our homes and businesses, vehicle usage is the one area where emissions have continued to grow – driven mostly by more cars on our roads.

More than half the journeys taken by car in the Liverpool City Region are short ones, many of which could easily be taken by foot or on bike. The new campaign aims to get as many people as possible across the City Region to ditch the car and walk and cycle instead.

Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram said:

“In the past year, I know that lots of us have taken the chance to get out for walks and on our bikes and have really enjoyed it.

“It would be fantastic if we were all able to keep up these more active ways of getting about after the pandemic has passed.”

Re-elected this month with an increased majority, the Metro Mayor has pledged to use his powers to create a London-style integrated transport system and to address the climate crisis through green investment.

As part of delivering on those promises, the Metro Mayor wants to make the Liverpool City Region the best place to walk and cycle in the country. Millions of pounds have already been invested in safe, segregated cycleways and footpaths with plans to build a network of new and upgraded routes.

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