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VACCINE PROGRAM: Anti-vaccine protests in schools

VACCINE PROGRAM: Anti-vaccine protests in schools

Schools are currently in the process of administering Covid-19 vaccines to children aged 12 to 15 years old

Anti-vaccine protests are hitting Liverpool schools as the vaccination program for teenagers in the city continues.

The city’s head of children and young people’s services confirmed to councillors last night that protests had taken place outside school gates by people opposed to the rollout of the programme.

Schools are currently in the process of administering Covid-19 vaccines to children aged 12 to 15 years old after they were approved for usage in those age groups.

According to figures provided to councillors, parental consent for the vaccine has been provided for around half of all eligible students in the city.

Protests among people opposed to the vaccination programme had previously been reported outside school gates in Wirral and Steve Reddy said yesterday that they have since been seen near schools in Liverpool.

Mr Reddy told the council’s education, employment and skills select committee that council officers were giving support to schools but that they were also contacting police when they deemed it necessary.

He said: “We are starting to see some physical protests outside our schools around vaccinations so obviously we are supporting schools and providing advice.

“If there’s inappropriate behaviour then obviously schools are reporting it to the police.  I know that previously there was some activity on the Wirral and we have now started to see that in Liverpool.”

The city’s head of education, Jonathon Jones, said consent for vaccinations in students currently stood at “around 50%”, with nurses from Mersey Care administering the program in schools.

In terms of Covid cases, infection levels are continuing to rise in secondary schools while they appear to be plateauing in primary and special schools.

Stricter Covid measures are in place in a number of schools after rises in cases, with two levels of controls in place depending on the severity of the rise.


Words: Nick Tyrrell, Local Democracy Reporter

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