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Wirral parking charges: Will Council make a ‘fare’ decision?

Wirral parking charges: Will Council make a ‘fare’ decision?

Wirral parking charges are set to be decided as part of a plan to raise £1m for Wirral Council.

A decision on whether or not Wirral Council will set up new car parking charges across the borough is set to be made soon.

The controversial issue has become talk of the town since the authority committed to making £1m from charging at several off-street and coastal car parks which are currently free in its March budget, as well as raising charges in some areas.

Back in June, the Council’s Environment and Transport Committee voted to bring in new parking charges at car parks in the likes of Bromborough, Bebington, Hoylake and New Brighton.

Wirral Council also voted to standardise the fees of all Wirral parking charges that are council-run, choosing the rate of £1 per hour for the first four hours, with a maximum charge of £5 for a full day of parking.

In reaction to the news, Conservative and Liberal Democrat councillors used the ‘call-in’ mechanism to try to get the decision overturned, however, after over five-and-a-half-hours of discussions, the Decision Review Committee was adjourned without coming to a verdict.

Labour councillor Liz Grey said:

“We know full well what the alternatives could be. The alternative proposals, were we to continue to subsidise parking, were: Closure of leisure centres, axing lollipop men and women, getting rid of our golf land, closing the art gallery, closing public toilets and compulsory redundancies.”

Conservative councillor Simon Mountney said:

“It is clear after 5 hours of witness testimony that these charges are ill-advised and unwelcome. We need to support our high streets through this pandemic. Our beautiful coastline should remain free and accessible to residents for their enjoyment and wellbeing.”

The committee will reconvene on Tuesday, August 10, at the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton to make its final decision.

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