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WORKING FROM HOME: The coolest new office in town


The government's official advice still stands that everyone who can work from home must do so and with the furlough scheme being extended until September 30, it'll be a while at least before most of us get back to the office.


However a new office in Liverpool has just opened and it’s been dubbed the coolest office in the city.

Sedulo is a national accountancy and wealth advisory firm with offices in London, Manchester, Leeds and now Liverpool.

The new offices feature a backlight bar, a terrace garden with views of the Royal Liver Building and River Mersey and an American-inspired diner.

They also feature a ' Klopp /Kendall Suite' complete with signed shirts from Sir Kenny Dalglish and Kevin Ratcliffe plus an indoor garden, table football machine and seats in blue and red set against Goodison Park and Anfield.

The main boardroom has been designed like a military bunker, complete with sandbags and 1940s Wrens uniforms in order to pay respects to Walker House - where the office is located.

While a McVitie's/Crawfords suite has been installed in homage to Crawfords.

The major Liverpool confectioner produced biscuits from the late 1800s until being merged with McVitie's in the 1970s.

Not everyone is so keen to get back to the office - no matter how swanky they are - it seems. New research has revealed the UK regions which have benefited the most from working from home. The research was conducted by money transfer experts Xendpay, which analysed the latest ONS data from a study of UK adults in work.

The North West placed third overall, with 47% of people noting an improvement in wellbeing.

The West Midlands, Wales and the North West have seen the biggest increased focus at work, due to WFH. In the North West, 47% experienced fewer distractions as a result of home-working.



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