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WORLD HERITAGE SITE: Liverpool could be stripped of title


A Unesco committee has recommended Liverpool should lose its World Heritage status which unit currently holds for its world famous waterfront.


UNESCO cited the Liverpool Waters project and the approved plans for Everton FC's new stadium at Bramley Moore Dock as reasons. Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram said it was disappointing.

A report published this week recommended the city be stripped of its status, saying completed and planned developments risked a "serious deterioration and irreversible loss" of the site's heritage.

Now Liverpool city council have published a new report outlining the progress made to conserve, protect and celebrate Liverpool's UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The document – Liverpool, World Heritage City – describes how more than £700m has been invested in upgrading historic 119 assets within the six character areas of the World Heritage Site in the past few years.

This investment includes the refurbishment of 59 listed buildings, and the document highlights that a further £800m is to be invested in a further 40 plus heritage assets, over the next five years – including Bramley Moore Dock, in Liverpool Waters, on the city's North Shore.

Defined as 'the supreme example of a commercial port at the time of Britain's greatest global influence', Liverpool's World Heritage Site status, granted in 2004, ranks it alongside other internationally known historic cities such as Edinburgh, Bath, Bordeaux, and Venice.

But this accolade may now be under threat of being lost due to planned development within Liverpool Waters.

UNESCO argues these proposals, despite only impacting one part of one of the six UNESCO World Heritage Site character areas, will irreversibly damage the Outstanding Universal Value of the totality of the site.

The council’s new cabinet member for culture, Harry Doyle, vowed to push hard for Liverpool to retain UNESCO World Heritage status for its waterfront.

Calling the report “extremely disappointing”, Cllr Doyle said he hoped UNESCO committee members due to decide on the matter would visit the city to see the waterfront themselves.

He said: “We have been very clear that we will invite UNESCO to the city.  I would imagine some of the people who would be making the decision may not ever have been to the city.

“I would give us a chance to show them the work we have been doing and I certainly hope that decision is deffered until next year.”

In July 2021 the UNESCO World Heritage Committee will meet to consider the potential deletion of Liverpool from the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


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