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ANTI-GLAZER PROTEST: United fans access Old Trafford pitch


An anti-Glazer protest spilled on to the Old Trafford pitch at the weekend as Manchester United’s clash with Liverpool was postponed for safety reasons.

Fans begun their demonstration outside the ground, before a small number made their way inside and on to the field of play at the Theatre of Dreams.

A group of supporters also blocked the entrance and exit of the Lowry Hotel, where the team bus was waiting to take Untied’s players to Old Trafford.

Although the crowd around the stadium was dispersed before the scheduled kick off time, the Premier League saw no option but to postpone the fixture.


Timeline of the Glazer Ownership


  • After Malcolm Glazer initially bought a 2.9% stake in the club in 2003, a formal takeover bid was launched in May 2005 and by June the Glazer family owned 98% of the clubs shares.


  • By 2010, the club’s debt hit £716.5 million as the family loaded the club with liabilities from loans taken out by themselves.


  • In 2014, Malcolm Glazer passed away but despite the family selling shares in the club they ruled out selling Manchester United for at least five years.


  • By 2018 the Glazers’ takeover had drained out of United more than £1bn in interest, costs, fees and dividends since 2005.


  • Earlier this month supporters around the country responded with anger as United were one of the clubs who agreed to join the European Super League, at the directorship of their owners.


Previous Protest


In early 2005, thousands of United supporters held an anti-Glazer protest before a Champions League knockout tie against AC Milan.

Many supporters carried "Not For Sale" banners as they marched to Old Trafford that night, only for Glazer to buy the club months later.

The infamous green and gold colours first worn by the club when it was founded, are now used as a symbol against the Glazer family.

During another European game in 2010 against AC Milan, ex-midfielder David Beckham was thrown a scarf from the crowd and wore it around his neck.

Despite refusing to denounce United’s owners, this became a symbol of protest that still stands to the present day.

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