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FANS RETURN: Premier League looking to reschedule games


The Premier League are looking at plans for fans to return in the last two matchdays of the season as opposed to one.

Current coronavirus restrictions in England say that after May 17th sporting events can host up to 10,000 spectators.

The second to last round of Premier League fixtures are due to be played on the weekend of May 15th.

As it stands, supporters would only be allowed to attend games on the final day of the season.


Fans return could provide an unfair advantage for some Premier League teams


There are complaints that it could provide an unfair advantage for teams at home on the last day.

For example, Fulham host Newcastle United in a game that could potentially be a relegation decider.

Fulham would be allowed to host supporters and potentially give themselves an added boost with support in the stands.

Newcastle argue that would be unfair to them as they've been unable to have supporters in their home ground all season.

That's why this idea of moving the games around came in.

Newcastle, and other teams due to be away from home on the final day, would have fans in their home ground the week before.


What are the plans for the fans to return to the Premier League?


The Premier League plans for fans to return suggest that teams would play in midweek instead of the weekend of the 15th-16th May.

With the restrictions due to change on May 17th, it means all clubs would be allowed to host fans before the season finishes.

It could also provide a small financial boost for clubs before the season ends.

Revenue has been impacted as no tickets sale also means clubs have been unable to make money on selling food, drink, programmes and merchandise on matchday.

Fans have been forced to watch all games on television while the pandemic has gripped the country, with the future of broadcasting games now open to discussion.

Do you think it's fair to have fans return for all Premier League clubs by shifting the penultimate weekend's games?

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