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LIVE FOOTBALL: All Premier League games to stay on TV


All Premier League games will be shown on television meaning there'll be plenty of live football until government guidance changes on fans returning to stadiums.

It means that the current schedule of kick-off times will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Oliver Dowden, the culture secretary, said there remains a long path ahead before fans can safely be in sports venues again.

Some fans returned in tier one and two areas before Christmas, but that was scrapped as Covid-19 continued to surge.

Currently, fans can enjoy an occasional Friday night game, followed by several games on a Saturday and Sunday.

Sometimes, there are a couple of Monday matches, with nearly all taking place at a different time allowing fans to view each one.

That will continue until the government eases restrictions, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson set to outline how lockdown will be eased on February 22nd.


Avoided the PPV scheme


Some fans were forced to pay almost £15 for certain games earlier this season as the Premier League decided to charge to "cover running costs".

The league was forced to dispose of the idea however, after low buy rates and protests by fan groups.

"At least they've scrapped the pay-per-view [scheme]," says Kieran Grierson "That was just absolutely dreadful."

And while all football remaining on television while the games are behind closed doors is good news to fans, some think it doesn't go far enough.


Accessible live football games?


To watch every game, fans will need to subscribe to Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon Prime.

The BBC will also show some live games, which is covered by the television license fee.

Supporters could be looking at upwards of £5o per month to watch matches. That could prove difficult for those whose work has been impacted by the pandemic.

"I don't really think it's accessible for every Premier League fan out there," Everton supporter Callum Mernock told Local TV.

"I've personally got Sky and BT but you're not going to see every game if you're just an average fan."

Nick Mernock, a fellow EFC fan, agrees, adding: "They (the games) are available if you've got a Sky account, a BT account and an Amazon Prime account.

"If you haven't, then they're not accessible."

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