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WHAT’S THE PINT: Premier League clubs wasted millions of pints in 2020

WHAT’S THE PINT: Premier League clubs wasted millions of pints in 2020

PA: Martin Rickett

Fancy a pint? It’s probably not the best idea to ask a Premier League club’s chairman at the moment as a new study has revealed how many pints were wasted last year by clubs.

The study took out by ‘’ revealed just how much beer was wasted by clubs, whilst fans were absent during the 18 month period of games being behind closed doors.

The numbers revealed by the study are truly mind blowing and this article might not be one to shout about in your local boozer.

You can almost picture the faces of angst, as a regular hears you utter that over two million pints were wasted at Old Trafford last year. Ouch.

Top of the estimated number of pints wasted table, you’ll never sing that.

Manchester United fans you can thank us later for that one, it’s surely to be as catchy as ‘Viva Ronaldo’ or ‘Ole’s at the Wheel.’

The official estimate number of pints lost at Old Trafford is a huge 2,397,299, that’s around a £10,787,845 loss in profits.

Whilst they may top the list for most pints wasted, the Red Devil’s can’t make it a double when it comes to pies lost.

Newly promoted Brentford take that crown, sure the Bee’s will be ‘buzzing’ with that.

Newcastle United fans were outraged by the lack of incomings to their squad in the summer transfer window, as the club claimed they didn’t have the funding.

After all, they did finish in a Europe competition spot in the highly coveted ‘Estimated Number of Pints Lost’ league table.

1.5 million pints wasted sees the geordies finish seventh, with an estimated loss of £5,499,244, that’s one eight of a Joelinton!

You can find the full results from the study here.

‘’ state their methodology for the study as the following:

  1. sought to discover which premier league club lost the most in sales of pints and pies during the 2020/21 season and some of the 2019/20, when games were played behind closed doors.
  2. Each stadium's average match attendance was sourced from Statista.
  3. Google Survey was then conducted (between 3rd - 5th August) to ascertain 'average' number of pints fans drink per football match. According to 1,480 British respondents, this is 1.811581. The average number of pies was logically assumed to be 1 per person per game.
  4. The number of home games fans missed in the period of closed play were found on the Premier League and Championship websites and manually counted.
  5. To account for trial games which allowed for limited fans (~2 per team in December 2020 and the last two games of the 2020/2021 season), the number of fans allowed were manually counted and deducted from the final totals of pints and pies.
  6. The average price of a pint and pie at each stadium were sourced from and
  7. Using all of the above criteria, calculated the total estimated number of pints and pies each club lost out on selling, including estimated loss of sales this amounted to. All estimates, surveyed responses and data collected are based on the 'average' game - that is, before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

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