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BOLD STREET: New Turkish restaurant AKASYA set to replace Giancarlo Ricci site

BOLD STREET: New Turkish restaurant AKASYA set to replace Giancarlo Ricci site

Image: Explore Liverpool

A brand new Turkish restaurant will open on Bold street this May. 

The new dining venue named Akasya will replace the designer store Giancarlo Ricci, and will open from the 17th May.

Bold Street is already home to other popular dining and shopping venues so Akasya is set to fit right in.

Based over two floors, with 300 covers, Akasya are creating a theme based around contemporary Turkish cuisine, with a traditional grill, tasty baklava menu and, laid-back cocktails to complete the restaurant’s authentic experience.

Owner Yunus Emre Ugur has many years in the restaurant industry to draw upon, and he has been determined to research, design, create and launch during this challenging time for the restaurant business. Bold Street is the perfect position to include Akasya: already known for its vibrant, international feel, it is usually a hugely popular attraction for tourists as well as a homegrown attraction for the people of Liverpool and its surrounding areas.

Yunus said: “We are getting everything ready for May, under these difficult covid circumstances, but with all of the enthusiasm and expertise that would go into any restaurant I would launch. As a team, we will be welcoming diners to Akasya to sample our creative cuisine and enjoy our relaxed vibe. We know that people are really looking forward to dining out with friends and loved ones again, and Akasya will of course at first be welcoming everyone from Liverpool, and eventually, national and international guests. Bold Street was my first choice for Akasya, and the location makes it central and easy to access, right at the heart of the city’s shopping, leisure and entertainment areas. We really look forward to meeting everyone in May and over the summer, in a city known for its love of dining out.”

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